Finding my way through the wilderness

The journey begins in the search for work. Look out world! - Iceland, 2015

The journey begins in the search for work. Look out world! - Iceland, 2015

Being stranded in the wilderness

If you're reading this article, you probably already know that I've gone freelance and am finding my way though the wilderness. Now, why is this? Well it all has to do with an event that happen'd about a two months ago.

I used to work in "Corporate America", one day my boss called me into the conference room. Sitting down next to Human Resources, he begin discussing  how I was up for my yearly review. After praising me, and telling me I had improved over the past year, he ripped the band aid off, informing me that they would no longer need my service, and that I was being let go. Now, as much as this would come to a disappointment to many, I found it as a blessing in disguise.

The Blessing of being lost

“Now, as much as this would come to a disappointment to many, I found it as a blessing in disguise.”

As I mentioned above, I'm a freelance photographer! Those who know me, will know that this is something I've only dreamt about, and have wanted to do for years.

I will say, I know it's not going to be easy. People who pursue a career in freelance: writing, photography, design, and or whatever, usually have a clientele built up. I don't! However, I'm able to take the time to build up my business upon a strong foundation. You know, for the long term. 

Starting a fire, and making sure it catches. 

Building this foundation is no different than starting a fire and making sure it catches. Start small, yet in control. Gather the firewood. I feel I'm doing this, by examining who I want to work with, a strong portfolio, and aiming for the long run. I'm not just dumping gasoline on a pile of twigs, only to run and try to collect firewood after the twigs have been lit. I'm gathering the wood first, and then building the log cabin. 

So, what comes after gathering the firewood and building up the log cabin? Well, for me it usually starts with placing kindling inside of the log cabin, and getting that started with precision, and control. How does that help me, in this situation? Well, building up good contacts, and building trust with them, even if it's only small jobs, or where the compensation can only pay one bill, it adds up, and that's how the fire gets going. It doesn't matter how big the fire is in the beginning, it's only matters if it keeps on going, and growing. Remember, a forest fire starts with a spark. 

Now what? Where to? 

So, now what? Where to? I'm beginning to think I'll blog a lot more. Not only about my adventures, and the companies I work with, but how I have gone about getting the shot. I think that's something that everyone enjoys! I know it's something I love about watching Planet Earth. Maybe one day I'll walk people through on how I edit. That's something, as well, that I really like learning. Either way, I want my blog to become a place where knowledge can be gained. 

Take care, I hope those who are reading will take the time to share this article if you found it interesting. 
— Andrew