The Next Step

Last time I wrote on here, I told you that I was trying to go a little bit of a different direction to that of my other site. If you've had time to look at either two you'll be able to see that it's on it's way, but there's still more I can do. 

Lately, I've been in continual transit with my 9-5, and a few side photo trips. Luckily I was beyond blessed in being able to go to Yellowstone to meet up with a few editors from National Geographic, as well as one of their go to photographers. In all honesty, if that's the last time I meet up with people from NatGeo, I'll die a happy man. But if it isn't I'll praise our God forever, for continually blessing me with opportunities that I would have never would have guessed would happen to me.

Although I have a 9-5, I would say it really isn't my gig. I've never lived to where one works 5 days a week, and sits at a desk. I know most of the United States as well as the corporate world operates like this, but I just don't think it's for all of us. I wouldn't say I feel trapped, I just feel there's more that I can do, and that I have to figure that out sooner or later.

As for now... I'm going to start blogging here a little more. Hopefully I'll be able to get a freelance job in here and there, and start down that road. Who's to say. What I do know is that would be where I want to end up. I know that from my meet up with National Geographic  I have a lot of growing, but I know that I'm eager to learn, as well as to work.