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To say I grew up traditionally would be a lie. I was forged in  Wyoming, a natural refuge where the call of the mountains replaces the incessant buzz of the industry. My backyard lacked the traditional swing set and sandbox and instead featured ski runs, scrambling routes, and endless mountain trails. When I wasn’t home, I was trekking across the US or suited up sailing the open ocean. 

My unconventional childhood was followed by more of a conventional education. I left home to study at a University. During my time at school, I studied art, marketing, and psychology. Each of these disciplines captivated my interest in the human experience and motivated me to find a way to unite people through creative storytelling. That is how I found photography.

I started my career in the commercial mecca of New York. This is where I exchanged hours of sleepless nights for hard skills and knowledge. After I left New York I continued down the corporate path and worked as an Art Director, at a small little in house suite where I led a creative team and mastered the art of building a brand through visual story telling. While my career was secure and progressing, adventure was calling, so I traded my loafers or some boots and left the corporate world behind.

I’ve dedicated my personal and professional career to perfecting my craft and wielding into something meaningful. From exploring the Isle of Skye with random German hitch-hikers, to repelling into a slot canyon in the early months of spring with my best friends, I’ve built a career off of connection, and I believe that stories centered on human experience are the ones worth documenting and sharing.

My success has grown from the roots I planted years ago in Wyoming. Wyoming is where I learned that freedom can be viewed as a natural result of hard work. Freedom opens the doors for adventure, and experiencing adventure is something worth working for. My craft allows me to live a life of meaning and skillfully share the stories and spirit of the people I meet along the way.


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